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12mg Tens 50/50 10ml (50VG/50PG) - Pack Of 10 - Flavour: Mental Menthol

  • Brand: Tens
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Bringing their range of superbly crafted flavours made to offer all day vaping experiences, these Tens 50/50 12mg Freebase E-liquids offer a variety of truly mouth-watering flavourful blends including various fruits, sweets and desserts to deliver lasting tastes that will make quite the impression on any self-respecting vapers taste buds. All flavours under this range are available in 12mg nicotine strength so both experienced and starter vapers to experience any flavour they wish.

Like with all freebase e-liquids, all Tens 50/50 liquids are mixed a balanced ratio of 50VG/50PG, making them suited for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping pods and kits which will allow for the nicotine to be absorbed faster and last longer inside. Vapers will experience both a smooth hit to the throat along with a perfectly balanced mix of strong flavour and vapour cloud production.

Each flavour of the Tens 50/50 range of freebase e-liquids each come in a dispenser box of 10.

- Made In The UK

- 12mg Freebase E-liquid

- 10ml Bottle

- 50VG/50PG

- Ideal for Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping Pods & Kits

- Childproof Cap & Tamper Evident Seal

- Recyclable Bottle & Box

- TPD Compliant

American Red
American Red is a truly traditional tobacco flavour and a proven favourite with long term vapers and people who have decided to make the switch. For many people having a familiar taste can ease the transition and help stop smoking.

Apple & Watermelon
Fresh Apple and juicy ripe watermelon are the perfect combination here, occasionally one without the other can just feel a little bland so the mix gives just the right amount of fresh mouth-watering sweetness and a tiny bite from the apple rounds it off perfectly.

Berried Up
Berried up brings you a great mix here. Two types of blueberries, two types of raspberries, two types of blackcurrant and to top it off a nice cool hit of ice. So if youre a fan of mixed berries you need to give this a try and youll understand why its called berried up.

Black Ice
Another firm favourite in the vaping community, black ice takes a base of fizzy lemonade sherbet and boosts that flavour out the park with a cool hitting blackcurrant menthol. Thousands of vapers cant be wrong so if you havent tried it yet maybe its time you did.

Bubblegum is a flavour that everyone will know and love, its hard to put your finger on the actual taste here but its one of all kinds of fruits, others will say something completely different. To us its simply pink bubblegum.

Fruit Pastilles
Another flavour that has stood the test of time, fruit pastilles speaks for itself, a gummy mix of fruits including blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, lime and orange. A gummy fruit lovers dream in a vape.

Fruit Pastilles Ice
For the lovers of that gummy blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, lime and orange who also enjoy a bit of an icy blast! The usual fruit pastilles flavour you know and love just with a cold hit to finish it off nicely.

Fruity Blackjack
Take your everyday blackjack, the twist on a liquorice, add some pineapple chunks into the mix and it turns what was already a great flavour more delicious! With a bit of an added ice this could just well be your new all day vape.

Grape Crush
Weve all had grape soda, many have had a grape slush. So Tens have decided to throw it all into the crusher! The results were amazing so they present you with Tens Grape Crush! Two types of grape are better than one! A nice crushed ice chill.

Key Lime Cookie Butter
The name says it all, the type of luscious battery cookie treat you would find in a artisan delicatessen. Dont mistake this for your run of the mill biscuit. Only the best ingredients have gone into this mix and they came out of the oven perfectly baked, the key lime is divine.

Mental Menthol
When you love that menthol flavour but you just want that extra icy kick thats exactly what mental menthol gives you. A real punch of coldness to clear the airways and even delete vapers tongue!

Peach Mango Lychee
Honey peaches, alphonso mangoes and ha-kip lychees mixed together perfectly to create quite the exotic cocktail to tempt even the most fussy of vapers. Fill up your tank or pod system and travel to the tropics.

Polo Mint
No holes here, just a very traditional mixed mint that has a very distinguished flavour. The mint for the minty connoisseur. Fresh with a capital F on the inhale and exhale.

Why 4? History says that it was the 4th blend version of the original ruyan flavour, Hence RY4 came about. Weve played with the formulation a little, still keeping the original tobacco, vanilla and caramel just jazzing it up. with a creamier caramel and a full vanilla. If youre a fan of RY4 give Tens R-WHY-4 a shot!

Every now and then a standalone flavour just works, this is one of them. Tens have selected the most succulent, juicy and sweet raspberries we could find to bring to you in the form of Tens Raspberry e-liquid.

Rhubarb Crumble
Lip puckering phubarb, but not in the tart way, sweetened and cooked to perfection to make a soft base. Topped off with a thick layer of the nicest sweet and buttery crumble you could imagine. An amazing dessert that you can vape to your hearts content without worrying about the calories.

This puppy is gonna get ya! The original blue slush with crushed ice, Tens have taken a few variations of raspberries and blueberries and even tweaked the tice with this one to make the ultimate full flavour blue icy drink we could. Sadly though this will not change the colour of your tongue.

Simply strawberry, just like when you go fruit picking and full up the punnets with the ripest, plumpest and brightest strawberries you can find knowing they are just for you. Only the best will do and here it is in e-liquid form. Its mouth-watering.

Triple Mint
Decisions, decisions, Tens has made them for you. Triple Mint has the best of all worlds. A refreshing strong menthol base mint, peppermint to add a warm edge and finally a really sweet spearmint to add the soft but undeniable flavour it is. A triple flavour thats a triple hit! A winner for the menthol lovers out there.

Ultra Violet
When there is only 1 name you could call a flavour, Ultra Violet from Tens is an amazing mix of parma violets with a soft sweet bing cherry and a nice glug of pink lemonade. You need to try this just to see how well it works. This isnt a middle of the road flavour, its Ultra!

Vinto is the perfect take on an extremely popular drink, a mix of juices from grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants with a secret blend of herbs and spices. A great vape to please all the fruity followers. If you enjoy this you have to try Tens Vinto Ice!

Vinto Ice
Vinto Ice, the cold version of the popular Vinto in the Tens 50/50 range. Juices from grapes, raspberries and blackcurrant with a secret blend of herbs and spices. All that with a nice icy hit on both the inhale and exhale make this a really refreshing vape experience.

Walter Blue
Walter Blue, a moreish flavour made up with a mix of tasty blackjack, blackcurrant menthol and an additional hit of ice. A flavour that has stood the test of time here and been a firm favourite of many. If you enjoy Walter Blue dont forgetto also have a look at Tens Walter Red.

Walter Red
Walter Red, a slightly different take on the popular Walter Blue. A top blend of tasty blackjack, blackcurrant menthol, ripe strawberries and not forgetting that hit of ice. Another proven flavour and very popular. Its Walter Blue with strawberries for those who like a more berry type of flavour.
Amount of Liquid (ml) 10
Caffeine No
Cool (Ice / Menthol / Mint) Yes
Flavour Mental Menthol
Nicotine (mg) 12
VG (more cloud) / PG (more throat hit) 50VG/50PG

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